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Larry Wirtz Postal Box 837 Crown Point, IN 46308

(219) 662 - 1530

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"Of all the celebrations in your life, your wedding is one of the most memorable.
                                 You will never forget it, but will your guests say the same?"

Designed especially
for your wedding by:
Larry Wirtz
The Wedding Magician

After the wedding ceremony - you and the wedding party will be busy with pictures, capturing the moment. But your guests will be waiting at the reception hall - waiting and waiting and wondering when are you going to get there?!

The flow and celebratory mood of your guests will come to a stand still. Many well planned weddings overlook this crucial moment in their planning. Not YOU!

Now you can
Take Your Time!

During your photo session, Larry will already be at the reception hall, ready to greet, mingle, and entertain your guests. Providing them with dignified entertainment will exceed their expectations!

This extra thought on your behalf will help create those unforgettable memories, making your reception rise above and beyond what is commonly expected - making your wedding, the wedding to remember!

Make your wedding, the wedding to remember!
The Reception - Rehearsal Dinner
Cocktails - Social Hour
Wedding Breakfast/Brunch
Make your wedding event the most magical experience ever!