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Larry Wirtz Postal Box 837 Crown Point, IN 46308

(219) 662 - 1530

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Speaking Presentations
Imagine the Possibilities
"Not only will you remember how he made you feel - you will remember what he said!"

When your organization is in need of a motivational - inspirational speaker who is an experienced presenter, insightful leader and gifted entertainer, Larry Wirtz is your answer!

Larry delivers a unique combination of ingredients that other speakers simply can not.

***Solid Content
***Real Life Perspective
***Powerful Visuals
***Magical Illustrations
***Engaging Natural Presence

Larry understands how people gain knowledge and information through the use of their five senses. It's only logical to utilize solid concrete visuals to help illustrate abstract concepts. Blending facts and statistics with carefully selected stories, poems and personal examples along with strong visual object lessons, humor and magical illustrations - Larry communicates the message in a way that will hold the audience's attention and the points will be remembered long after the program is over.

Larry is a speaker who will deliver a worthy message that is relevant, powerful and memorable. He has impacted audiences and organizations across the country. Imagine what he can do for you!