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Larry Wirtz Postal Box 837 Crown Point, IN 46308

(219) 662 - 1530

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Larry has traveled the country with The Magical World of Science for over 25 years, educating students in the public schools about solid, sound scientific principles. In this very special presentation, Larry is free to discuss Biblical doctrine and the direct correlation to many great scientific discoveries, principles and ideas.

You will also be introduced to individuals who were some of the leading scientific minds of their time. You will learn of their remarkable contributions, the stories behind their Christian faith and how they used God's Word to help guide them to their discoveries.

"God, Science & YOU!" is an informative program that bridges the gap. It will arm you with knowledge and information that is rooted in Biblical Truth! This is a must have event for your congregation!

"The study of science is not a secular exercise. The more you explore and look for the truth, the closer you will come to the conclusion that God has an intellegent, well designed plan for us all."